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Safety Policy

Safety Policy

The Management of intelligent recognized the importance of health and safety for its all employees and is committed to provide all necessary resources for a safe and accident-free operation on construction sites:

Managers and supervisors are primarily responsible for ensuring safe and healthy working conditions. Suitable safe working systems and practices will be developed and implemented work activities will be carried out meeting the statutory safety requirement. The company provides technical advice on safety and health matters, as needed, to assist the managers and supervisors to discharge their duties in this regard. All the employees are required to work safely and follow the safety procedures and inform the management of safety improvement suggestions for consideration.

The management considers its workforce as its partner in implementing this safety policy to achieve the desired goals, DP providers sufficient information and training for all its workforce to enable them in fulfilling their responsibilities with regard to safety and health.

Safety Policy Specification

The management of  Intelligent sets a high priority for the protection of its employees in safety, health and welfare. Production is not that urgent that we cannot allocate time so as to ensure that our work is carried out in a safe and proper manner. Recognizing this and in the best interest of modern management practice we will be constantly working for:

All quality objectives shall be discussed in management review meeting and reviewed for continuing suitability.

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With regard to our clients and consultants, our ideas and decisions are well substantiated and documented. Our work is relevant, topical and constructive. We are dedicated to ensuring the best possible psychological and physical conditions at our office.

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