Intelligent Contracting Company

Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The Management of intelligent is committed to comply with the requirements of all standards that are applicable to its scope of operation in order to achieve the following corporate objectives:

To provide quality products to all customers that meet their needs and expectations by complying with the requirements & specifications which were contractually agreed at the time of signing contract.

To continually improve its performance by:

This policy shall be communicated to all employees through suitable displays and conducting awareness training sessions.

Quality Objective

Intelligent establishes following improvement objectives that are measurable and achievable:

All quality objectives shall be discussed in management review meeting and reviewed for continuing suitability.

Company Status

A clear choice for today and tomorrow.

With regard to our clients and consultants, our ideas and decisions are well substantiated and documented. Our work is relevant, topical and constructive. We are dedicated to ensuring the best possible psychological and physical conditions at our office.

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